Ferry to Isle of Wight

Ferry to Isle of Wight

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The Isle of Wight is one of England's most beautiful tourist locations and a huge draw for the discerning traveler since the Victorian Era. Indeed, the Queen herself spent her summers on the island at the Osborne House. Lying around 4 miles off the coast of southern England, it's pleasant beaches and atmosphere of detachment are a source of peace for many. To this day, thousands of holidaying families catch a ferry to Isle of Wight in search of the often cliched but still invigorating; sun, sea and sand.

The journey to the island is relatively short and anyone expecting it to be hassle will be pleasantly surprised by the efficiency of the service. It is far quicker to cross the Solent than it is to enter Brighton centre on a Saturday lunch. There are currently four routes to choose from too, which means there's normally plenty of space to spare.

There are two main companies which provide ferry service to the Isle of Wight; the first is Wightlink, a company which can trace its services back some 160 years.

Lymington to Yarmouth Ferry

The Western oriented route to the Isle of Wight from Lymington to Yarmouth is the perfect route for those who want to spend some time in the New Forest before making the crossing. The route is serviced by Wightlink and they offer 20 sailings every day. The journey is 35 minutes long and the ferry on this route is capable of carrying both cars and foot passengers.

Portsmouth to Fishbourne Ferry

This Eastern oriented route running from Portsmouth is good for reaching Ryde. With a sailing time of 40 minutes the embarkation point is conveniently located minutes from Portsmouth Harbour rail station, just the other side of the shopping centre. With a mammoth 31 sailings every day it's easy to find a boat that is conducive to your schedule. This ferry is also suitable for both cars and foot passengers.

Portsmouth Harbour to Ryde Ferry

The pride of the Wightlink fleet are the cataramans that service the Ryde route. Although they only carry foot passengers the journey time is only 18 minutes. Wightlink currently operates 26 sailings per day. Of all the embarkation points this route is the best situated, it is placed literally metres from Portsmouth Harbour rail station.

The second company operating a ferry to Isle of Wight is the Red Funnel company, they operate the following routes:

Southampton to East Cowes Ferry

This service is a car and passenger ferry service that embarks next to Mayflower Park in Southampton. The journey time is around 40 minutes. There are fifteen services per day.

Southampton to Cowes Ferry

The Cowes direct service is a passenger only catamaran service using the Red Jet's as they are known. With a sailing time of only 25 minutes they are substantially faster than the normal ferry service. The Red Jet's have been known to reach a speed of 22 knots during transit. There are multiples journeys available every day.


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