The Isle of Wight is known by most just for its mainstream music festival; The Isle of Wight Festival and Bestival but they are not the only festivals that happen on the island, there are countless others which cover a range of different interests from Garlic to Walking.

Here are some of the popular festivals in the Isle of Wight away from pop and rock music!

Cowes Week

This is the Isle of Wight’s biggest sporting event and is a week long sailing regatta, one of the most famous in the world attracting even Olympic sailors! Over 1000 boats in a variety of categories take part with over 100,000 non boating visitors enjoying the sailing, racing, entertainment and fun parties. In the area surrounding the Cowes Harbour there is a fun filled selection of events, street theatre and fireworks.

Garlic Festival

The Garlic Festival on the Isle of Wight is possibly one of a kind but is one of the islands biggest events with 25000 people visiting each year! The food festival takes place in August at the Garlic Farm and is generally a country fair with 300 stalls, a particular focus on garlic food based items, children’s activities and 60’s music.

Isle of Wight Walking Festival

The 500 miles of footpaths around the island make it the perfect location for a month long walking festival which takes place every May! Various walking events on the walking routes are planned each year which include “Round the Island” walks and even walks just for children such as the Tea Party Toddle.

Real Ale Festival

The Isle of Wight is home to several local breweries producing a fine range of ale and this is celebrated at the yearly Real Ale Festival taking place every May held at the traditional Isle of Wight Steam Railway.

V Dub Festival

There is no doubt about it, if you are a VW campervan fan you have probably heard of this festival! It takes place in August and is primarily a family friendly VW show which has a side offering of some of the best entertainment that can be found with music from Dub Pistols, Rob da Bank and Goodbye Stereo as well as many other top acts. If you are planning on travelling with your campervan to the Isle of Wight for the V Dub festival then check out the range of special offers that are available for ticket holders to this particular event.

Ventnor Carnival

Although not strictly a festival, the Ventnor Carnival is still worth a mention as the 2nd oldest carnival which is running in the United Kingdom! Now running for the 123rd year this is a traditional carnival parade with carnival characters, queens, music and fun for children.

All of these festivals attract people from far and wide and as they travel to the Isle of Wight by ferry you may find if you don’t book in advance ferries to the Isle of Wight may be short on availability nearer to the time.